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COVID-19: Our Response

Our mission to help our clients plan for the generations, secure their legacies and avoid emergencies relating to their health and family interests. Our goal is to get to the backside of these changing times.

For the times they are a-changin’

Bob Dylan said it best in 1964. The greatest generation will remember growing up during the Great Depression; the next lived through the turbulent “60’s”; after that came 9/11; and for this generation, this time may hopefully be remembered as the Coronavirus shutdown – it tried to shut us down, but we shut it down. As much as we all hope these stressful times to be short-lived, we will always remember the booming US economy coming to a near halt in a matter of weeks.

Distanced in body, but not in spirit

At just the time we were ready to announce our new name, logo, and contacts—a silent virus took us all by surprise. All of us at Brink Bennett Pargaman Atkins & Sanchez PLLC want you to know that we care about you and your families as much as we care about our own. That is why we wanted you to know that we are taking steps to comply with directions about distancing ourselves from each other physically, but not in spirit or in purpose.

We’re still on job; don’t hesitate to call

We are largely working remotely and limiting in-office visits. We will employ video and audio conferencing more than in the past. Although you are accustomed to regularly hearing a human voice when you call, you may now need to listen to our recorded message on how best to reach us. Be patient with us as we will strive to minimize the distribution that “these changin’ times” will have on your business with our firm. We commit to helping you establish and execute an estate plan to avoid emergencies while caring for your legacy and the interests of the generations. Throughout these changin’ times, we remain attentive to any emergency need. Reach out if we can help or counsel.